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Deionization is one of the most efficient processes known for removing ionic dissolved salts and minerals from water. The deionization process is the the removal of all charged ions from the water. The term demineralization is also commonly used to describe this process.


Deionized Water Systems

We provide custom deionized water systems that integrate with your current water treatment solutions or are apart of an entirely new water treatment system. Learn more about our separate bed, mixed bed, and other DI water systems.



Ion Exchange Systems

PuraFlow provides ion exchange systems for production of high purity water for a variety of industries. Learn more about our deionized water systems, deionized water services and commercial and industrial water softeners.


Free Consultation

PuraFlow certified water experts can assist you with your water treatment needs. We can answer any questions, concerns; provide different options, quotes, service info or anything else you might need. Just tell us a little about yourself to request a consultation.


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