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Ultraviolet water systems use a UV light source which is enclosed in a protective sleeve. Water passes through a flow chamber and is exposed to the UV-C light rays. Microbes that are exposed to the UV rays are then rendered sterile or destroyed because their nucleic acid absorbs the UV energy and it scrambles their DNA.


Ultraviolet TOC Reduction

In ultra pure water, UV systems are used for the effective reduction of organics. Organics are commonly referred to as TOC (total oxidizable carbon or total organic carbon). Utilizing a 185nm wavelength the UV energy promotes free radicals in varying degrees of photochemical excitement. These hydroxyl (OH-) free radicals break various chemical bonds of organics which in turn produce chain reactions. The chain reactions oxidize most organics into CO2 and H2O – the basic building blocks of all organic compounds.


Ultraviolet Disinfection

Ultraviolet lights used for disinfection emit 254nm waves that penetrate the outer cell membrane of microorganisms. The wave passes through the cell body, reaches the DNA and alters the genetic material. The microorganisms are thereby destroyed in a non-chemical manner and are unable to reproduce.


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