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Water filtration systems can purify make-up water no matter the source. Water can contain many different types of contaminants that decrease the operating efficiency of your water treatment systems. PuraFlow offers many different water filtration pretreatment systems that can increase flow rate efficiency, increase equipment lifespan, reduce downtime and reduce operating costs.


Activated Carbon Filters

Activated carbon (AC) filtration has been used for many years to solve water problems. Activated carbon quickly and effectively removes chlorine and many other contaminants. Learn more about our activated carbon filters and carbon adsorption systems.



Multimedia Filters and Depth Filters

Our multimedia and depth filters have four layers of filtration media, each of different size and density which allows them to filter water more efficiently. They also decrease the chance of fouling - called "mud-balling" - within the filter. Learn more about our multimedia filters and depth filters.



Nanofiltration Systems

Nanofiltration is used to soften the water and disinfect by removing natural organic matter and synthetic organic matter. The nano membranes are not as tight as RO and operate at a lower feedwater pressure. Learn more about our nanofiltration filters.



Water Filtration Applications

Commercial and industrial grade water filtration systems can be used in many applications such as boiler water treatment, cooling tower treatment, hotels, car washes, RO/DI pretreatment, medical water, lab water, or any high purity water application. Learn more about our water filtration applications.



Free Consultation

PuraFlow certified water experts can assist you with your water treatment needs. We can answer any questions, concerns; provide different options, quotes, service info or anything else you might need. Just tell us a little about yourself to request a consultation.


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