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When treating well water applications, PuraFlow considers these to be specialty solutions, as there is no “one size fits all” solution. The main reason for this is that well water quality differs from one location to another.


To properly treat well water, we require an up-to-date (within 6 months) water analysis of the well water we will be treating. This will provide us with the information we need to ensure we address your concerns and resolve your water problems. We also recommend that you analyze your well water annually to ensure that no major changes in your water quality have taken place.


PuraFlow does NOT do any water testing. Please be wary of any water treatment manufacturer that does their own water testing – often these tests are skewed or incomplete, misleading and should be done in a controlled environment.


PuraFlow recommends National Testing Laboratories, Ltd. www.ntllabs.com for your independent water testing needs.


Your water analysis print out will need to be supplied to the distributor you decide to work with in purchasing your PuraFlow Water Treatment Solution. Note: PuraFlow, Inc. is not affiliated with any well testing companies. We do not receive any compensation from any labs. The testing facilities we recommend are labs that we work with regularly and trust to do a comprehensive test of everything we need to advise water treatment.